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Since I was a young boy, my life has been driven by the desire to live with nature. I've always felt that some of this obsession can only be explained by a deeply embedded primordial urge. Surely all humans posses the trait to live off the land by understanding every aspect of it and to harvest the bounty that surrounds us. Consciously or sub-consciously, some of us have ignored these skills and pursued a more processed existence. I have not.
-Jay W. Anglin

Hunting Photos

Sunrise Face Marsh


The past couple years Iíve experimented with guiding turkey hunters and I can honestly say that it is one of the most enjoyable things Iíve ever done as a guide. I absolutely love the aura that surrounds these amazing birds. They are truly an American classic as Ben Franklin wouldíve insisted to anybody that would suggest otherwise. Hunting them will get under your skin and I canít imagine too many folks that wouldnít want to do it again or at least go out and sit up against a big oak tree at o-dark-thirty and watch the spring woods come to life. Itís an amazing experience if you havenít done it and now that the Wild Turkey population is flourishing all over the country due to the hard work and dedication of state and federal fish and wildlife agencies and especially the National Wild Turkey Federation, we have turkey opportunities that we could have only dreamed of even ten years ago. I have access to some excellent private land in Indiana and Southwest Michigan and I would love to be taking hunters out every day this spring (in all honesty, Iíll probably be out there anyway!). The seasons for these two states open in mid-April and run through mid-May in most cases although Michigan has a season that runs all the way through the end of May depending on what tag you purchase. Tags are available over the counter in Indiana and in most cases Michigan as well.

If youíre even remotely interested be sure and get in touch with me and Iíll explain the details and what is required on your end. Lets face it, its one thing to put a fishing rod in somebodyís hands but entirely another to hand them a loaded 12 gauge if they donít have experience with it. If you arenít familiar with these firearms this is a good time to get squared away because when Mr. Tom waltzes in puffed up like a black keg of beer that has a red white and blue lava lamp sticking out the top and hits you in the chest with a thunderous gobble, you may be a little excited. Not a good time to figure out how to use that cannon youíre holding!


Home Fishing Hunting Links Contact Rates Jay Anglin

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