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     I'm back at it full-time and while Iíve always considered myself a fly fishing guide, Iím just as happy to take somebody bass or musky fishing with conventional tackle or work a tom turkey off the roost. Itís in my blood! If you havenít been out with me in several years, Iíd love to rekindle the outdoor spirit that Iíve shared with so many of you in the past. A special thanks goes out to all who have supported me over the years.


Jay Anglin

Steelhead Without a doubt steelhead are my specialty. I chase them year round in water ranging from tiny creeks to vast rivers. There is nothing quite like a healthy wild steelhead on the fly. With the possible exception of a chrome fresh raging summer-run on a short spinning rod of course. We are blessed with steelhead in our streams 12 months a year in the southeast corner of Lake Michigan. My goal has always been to guide folks to the healthiest steelhead year round. Master steelheaders know how to hook these magnificent fish with any type of gear at any time of year. Allow me to show you how. I steelhead fish primarily on the St Joe system in Indiana and Southwest Michigan, the creeks of Northwest Indiana as well as occasional ventures to the streams of Western Michigan.

Largemouth Bass I like big bass, I cannot lie! When you fish a truly special place for largemouth you will have a new found respect for warm water fishing. It's about as much fun as you can have with a chunk of deer hair wrapped around a stout, wide gaped hook. Open your mind and enjoy some green bass on a hot afternoon on an 8wt. Or, if you are an accomplished bass fisherman I'd be glad to share my intimate knowledge of an incredible fishery that I only dreamed of all those years I spent pounding public water to land one or two quality fish a day or even a week. With few exceptions my largemouth trips take place on a 140 acre private lake near LaPorte, Indiana....SEE PHOTOS!

Smallmouth Bass If the largemouth weren't enough, the St Joe River smallmouth fishery is still firing on all cylinders. Producing ridiculous numbers of hook-ups on light fly rods or spinning gear with the potential for big fish a reality at any time. A fantastic way to spend a half day drifting down the lazy summer river casting a 4 or 5 weight fly rod. Smallmouth trips take place primarily on the St Joe River of Indiana and Michigan as well as the Tippecanoe and Kankakee rivers in Indiana.

Trout Around the time I was a sophomore in college I recall a conversation I had with one my father's friends during the holidays. He asked, "So, what's your plan Jay....have any ideas where you want to end up"? I replied, "Not really but I know one thing, there will be lots of trout and good skiing". Okay, so I got a little off track but I still consider myself a trout bum. It takes a lot my mental energy to put those urges on the backburner most of the time, though I get to handle enough trophy sized Brown Trout every year that I don't feel like I'm living in a trout-less land. To be honest, there is some good  trout fishing available in this area. Timing is critical and many times trout come as an opportunity while steelhead fishing. SEE PHOTOS

Muskie And speaking of college, I would've never gone had the world class muskie fishery existed back in the late 80's in Kosciusko County Indiana. I'd have been a full-fledged muskie guide right out of the gate! Lake Tippecanoe was my front yard and while I had seen a few muskie and hooked a handful while bass fishing, it wasn't "hot" yet. Five miles away, Webster Lake was turning on but we'd usually go to Loon Lake in Steuben County to fish for Tiger Muskie if we got the itch. After I moved away I eventually started to hear rumors about giant muskie at home. Stories about high school classmates that couldn't catch a guppy out of a fish tank with a net when I knew them were hammering huge trophy muskie! I couldn't get "home" fast enough to check it out. What I found was a veritable muskie feeding frenzy! Big flies, stout rods and long casts....come check it out!



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