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Matt with an absolute TANK! - August 12th


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2018    Fishing Rates:
4 Hour Half Day = $275 for one or two anglers
6 Hour Express = $350 for one or two anglers
8 Hour Full Day = $425 for one or two anglers (includes meal)
All trips require a $150 deposit to lock in the date
 - All three rates include snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, the Full Day also includes a meal (gourmet meal available upon request, $25 surcharge)
 - If feasible, a third angler is an additional $75 for any rate
 - All three rates include use of equipment, leaders, flies, lures and any other pertinent tackle etc. These rates do not include waders!

Jay Anglin
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Above, John with a classic St Joe smallmouth...and below, a not so classic, slab of a river bluegill!

Tracy with his big river smallie - August 13th

Lee with a last cast 17 inch eclipse special on one of the weirdest days I've ever experienced on the river - August 21st

2018    Fishing Rates:
4 Hour Half Day = $275 for one or two anglers
6 Hour Express = $350 for one or two anglers
8 Hour Full Day = $425 for one or two anglers (includes meal)
All trips require a $150 deposit to lock in the date
 - All three rates include snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, the Full Day also includes a meal (gourmet meal available upon request, $25 surcharge)
 - If feasible, a third angler is an additional $75 for any rate
 - All three rates include use of equipment, leaders, flies, lures and any other pertinent tackle etc. These rates do not include waders!

Jay Anglin
409 Fox Street
LaPorte, IN 46350
Cell: 574-210-2844

Scott with a scrapper - August 20th

Mike and Greg caught some dandies on August 17th

Mikes best...17 inch dandy

Brian with a classic St Joe scrapper - August 12th

Doc got into some nice fish on a quickie evening trip - August 10th

Sam with a blinged-out "dropback" Skamania-strain

Frank and Nick below with a couple of scrappers...

Stan got one on the swing!

Keg's Gilchrist strain brown trout was puking eggs in the net...

We lost some MASSIVE fish on this day but this fish fought like a fish three times his size!


Jorde railed again! Here are some highlights...

That Orvis Clearwater "guide rod" didn't walk right for a day or two...

Nice work Jorde!

Tim and Bob - father and son having a great day on the river!

Josh Carter and a dandy January steelhead...

Arnie Leder with a St Joe River bull winter-run taken on the swing - November 25th

Brandon Enright - Dowagiac November 13th

Troy Owen worked all day for this wild "skipper" steelhead - A for Effort! - November 20th


Tom hates northerns...smile Tom :)

Ten pounds of ugly!

Getting LOTS of these!

Let it run!

Kevin Goldstein and his hard-earned longbeard!

The Anglin boys, RJ and Mitchell on the last day of Indiana's 2016 season...it doesn't get any better!

Austan and Logan - Sibling Jakes two weeks apart...

In my glory! High noon strutter...

DU's Dave Neal and I rehashing his hunt...photo by Josh Lantz

Tom and a dandy "drop-back" female steelhead and a feisty "war-painted" buck

Two Michigan longbeards surrendered eternally to Mitchell and Jay Anglin Sunday April 24th

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

Jorde got into the "drop-backs" which has been SOP this spring from the get-go! - April 13th

Ray and I dealt with pouring rain all day but managed to get into the fish (...and even take a few photos!)


Matt Lovell with a dandy girl!

Matt and Dave had a great couple of days on the river...


Spencer Kaehler's Brook Trout is the only one I have encountered in over 20 years of fishing/guiding the Dowagiac River!

Kyle and Scott Burke had a productive Saturday outing

Joe's 33 inch "drop-back" female is the largest of the year so far...

Spencer got into some great steelhead as well including these two great "drop-back" females...


Drew with feisty adipose clipped hatchery female...

The Harts had an incredible day on the river!

Sam landed nothing but perfect steelhead...

Frank and a cool looking double-striped male winter-run...

Judd and Robert even got into the action!!

Handsome boy!

Glenn Lehman - March 4th

Robert and another nice scrappy steelhead...

Hammer Time! - March 6th

Kory and a gorgeous hen steelhead...

Doctor Magnuson and a November summer-run

The longest coho jump...

Some days are just better than others!

The Pike and The Lady in The River (see her...?)

The Lady in The River

Robert Tomes and Trix check out the scenery - October 20th

Mike with a dandy October Bronzeback!

Mike with a muskie bitten fall slab bronzeback...

Grand Marsh - LaPorte County Indiana - September 5th

Two Petes went fishing...one Pete caught this beast - September 18th - St Joe River

Mark Barry with an absolute tank - 21.5 inches


Berrien Springs Fish Ladder Cam

Stan Z laying the law down with a chunky Bucktown smallie...

Paradise Awaits

聖なるファック !!!

When the fly falls out in the net Mr Boogle still gets paid...

Sunset on The Joe

- chroma -

Kick out!

Scott Burke -August

Tom Taylor - August

Stephen Shockey - July

Ramp it! - GoPro still of yours truly by Matt Marani

Ken Hammer with a massive St Joe River smallmouth - Sunday May 17th

Two Gregs :) - May 15th


Robert Marseilles - May 8th

Got slime...

Brad Seiler property consultation fun day! - May 4th


Ken and Jeremy-  April 27th


The Troyers - April 21st


John Kessler - April 20th

Mike and Jeff - April 17th

Tom & Crystal - April 10th

Gorgeous - April 9th

Jorde Nathan - April 8th

Jorde and my guide apprentice for the afternoon, RJ Anglin


Richard - April 6th

Lexie - April 6th

Harrison - April 2nd

My favorite fish this year (so far)...

Kyle Kamp - April 14

Rob Brown - April 13

Matt and David Lovell - March 4 - Matt's first steelhead!

Matt's second steelhead...

Matt's third steelhead - Okay Matt, we get it you have graduated! And, despite hooking several fish David and I did not manage to land one of his unfortunately

One banana Humphry!

The classic caddis eater...

Launching a chipmunk sized musky fly in front of my Mom's place on Lake Tippecanoe...


Tyler with a total stud!

Jay and one of Tyler's "Gaggettes"

A lover and hater...

Kory gives loves and keep loving and they just hate and keep on hating. And hate some more...

The future is definitely bright!

Can you believe I actually got to fish! Last steelhead of 2014 by yours truly...

10 year old RJ Anglin tending to the decoys during the incredible blizzard of Saturday, February 14th - the last hunt of the season was a success!


The Anglin Boys!

Good friends and good times! - January

Super Sunday with Eric Mantais party...THE REAL DEAL weather wise!

Tom, Rod and Rick from Kankakee Marsh Hunt Club - January

Wild Turkey: It's time to start thinking about spring turkey! Get your calendars out!!


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LOVE the little wild ones!

Michael Bresler with a handsome Skamania-strain getting into the fall spirit!

Hanson brothers and a fine brown...

Guide Kory Boozer headed back to the boat after landing a fish...

Ed McGee digging his heels in with an absolute monster king that we never did land unfortunately...

Tom let me hold his...king

Eric with a nice late-season St Joe smallie that smashed a crankbait...

Paul and "Doc" - September 19th

This guy was well worn!

Nate, VJ, Chu and Jon who holds his absolute sow of a smallmouth from Kory Boozer's boat (Kory's photo)! - September 20th

Bachelor Boy Chu with a dandy Northern Pike...one of three we landed!

Congrats to RJ Anglin on his first steelhead! This fish had obviously been injured recently by a muskie...note the teeth marks and tearing down near the pelvic fin and the bite mark above RJ's bandaged finger. The other side of the fish displayed a perfect bite radius like the ones you see on surfboards after a Great White hit. Yes, there are some monsters in the St Joe!


My vote for coolest hair of the summer is Jeremy...you can use it as your album cover dude! His Uncle Bruce is cheesing it up too!

Hanson Brothers...


Ken Hammer with a gorgeous 19 inch St Joe River bronzeback...mid-day popper bite! - July 20th

....and a nice 17 incher

Ron Abrant and Stan Zarnoweicki taming the beasts - July 25th

Got Bugs!?


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Cranberry Lake's shining star this summer...

It's bass time folks!

Jason Brownewell and the "Best Day of the Year"...these are just a sample of many fish he landed on April 28th

Hello. My name is Jay and I'll be your guide...

Not bad for a cell phone!

Ken Hammer and Jeremy Spaccapaniccia - April 21st


Mitchell and RJ Anglin pulled off a true double on stud gobblers! - April 20th

Keg Avakian - April 18th

This one was real twitchy...you can tell Keg was having a hard time with it. Flat crazy that one!

Kurt Lindland and Crew - April 18th


Richardson brothers - April 15,16,17

These boys here just whooped on um...


Craig and Phil Hanson, both first steelhead! (I think) - April 16th

Do you see why now?


Peter Koerner and Karl Doppelberger - April 13th

This was Peter's first steelhead which is surprising as he is an above average stick-man with all that college lacrosse experience. She took us to the timber and wrapped up tight. Rod be damned, Pete tried to run his rig under the tree (with enthusiastic coaxing from yours truly) and it wouldn't clear and eventually became jammed. I would occasionally get glimpses of her but assumed that she'd finally broken the tippet. When Peter grabbed his fly line to try and pull the rod out, the fish shot up from the depths and appeared before me. I could barely hold my footing in the rapid fire current thereabouts, and just when I thought all was lost, I was able to make a good stab at her and she torpedoed into the bag. Do it long enough and crazy shit will happen. Congrats my friend...she was a fine fish. And she swam free for another battle. It only took drowning your iPhone...a small price.


Polarization - How many can you see?

This is a giant brown - 22.5 inches of wildness

Mike and Ross - April 12th


David Lushinsky - April 11th

Ya'll talkin' bout river clean-ups...ya'll experts? - Dowagiac River circa '01

Stud Boy!

Ever hear the story about the young bull and the old bull....this is the Old Bull!

Not sure what strains got together to create this gorgeous wild fish, but judging by her tiny head and porky build, she's gonna need to get in touch with Jenny Craig soon!

Ken Hammer - March 10th

Ruthie and James Frazier - March 8th

Battle Wagon and he don't even know it yet - Lit up on "The D" - February 19th, 2014



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Angie "Angel" Anglin at dawn - April 2013




Arkansas was a "blast" again! - March 1st

Check out the winter edition of aTightLoop online magazine, cover photo and article, Winter Crick, by yours truly.

Blake Morse with a wild steelhead smolt from the Dowagiac - December 27th

Blake Morse and a Michigan Sow...they brutalized each other - December 27th

My 9 year old son RJ clearly has a horseshoe embedded deeply somewhere! He's taken less than ten geese in his brief four month hunting career, of which two were banded in Ontario including a 12 year old bird...
Jan 20th and Feb 2nd, 2014

It was a good duck season...

Mitchell and RJ Anglin with two big blizzard honkers January 5th

Brown Trout...such a demeaning name! - Doc Stewart November 22nd

Chuck Roberts always catches fish the day after Christmas!


These compressed and poorly focused, pixilated, crappy cell phone photos are what happens when the screen on a smartphone is wet and you can't get anything to work right!

It's a great time to be a waterfowl hunter...why aren't you in this photo?
Four man limit of Canadas and mallards...

My 9 point stud from archery season...Indiana, November 6th

Ken Hammer and Jeremy Spaccapaniccia (above) - November 19th

Joe Domek with a hot summer-run - October 14th

Mike Murphy - September 26th

Still getting some slab smallmouth on BIG STREAMERS! - Kory Boozer doing evening recon...

Tim Scorer August 21st - I think he pissed it off...

Perhaps the last smallmouth of 2013 - Tom - October 12th

Sara Stover - Aug 22nd - First smallmouth

Bill Wobbekind - Aug 23rd

John Reim - Aug 14th

Tim Scorer - Aug 21st - First time fishing in N. America

A 22 inch tank of a St Joe smallmouth! - Steve and John Reim August 14th

That's more like it KB! - August 8th

Mrs Anglin showing them who's boss! - St Joe River, July 31st

All day long! - July 31st

Bob Powers getting it done on The Joe - July 30th

Ken Hammer with an unusual St Joe largemouth and a slightly above average smallmouth...good times - July 28th

The Anglin boys doing some recon with Dad on the St Joe...shoulda brought the dogs along, they'd have caught some too! Easy as it gets my friends!!
Sunday July 21st

Big Guns

Judd and a Cranberry Lake Hogette - June 19th

Judd - Gluttony, the Brown Trout's lament

No worries Mama...I ain't taking it with me!

There's a boat ramp back there somewhere!

Cortland's Joe Goodspeed testing musky lines on musky...

Cortland's Artie Loomis and his first fly rod musky - exceptionally battered from his sex crazed wives (yes, the fish)

My first topwater fly musky! Not a giant but it'll do...

Musky time!

Givin' - Angie "Angel" Anglin

Good times! Jay on Lake Michigan with Captain Austin Adduci of Grab Your Fly Charters - April 26th

Blue Skeye - photo watercolor

Joyce and her first longbeard - May 8th

Jay and his Berrien County, Michigan "redtail" - May 7th

Radiance - Mrs Anglin and her 1st turkey - May 2nd, 2013 - Indiana

Jay's Indiana longbeard - May 1st


Austan's first gobbler...a true studbull with a massive 11.5 inch beard - April 25th, Indiana


Mitchell Anglin's first longbeard...well done son! - April 20th Indiana

11 inch beard, 1 1/8 inch spurs, 23.4 pounds

Luke and Shawn - Michigan Opener - April 22nd

Patti, Rob and John - March 26th - with Josh Lantz/World Class Fly Fishing

This here Crick got both kinds!


Maloneys - March 27th

It was a good day to be Sean Maloney!

And then...

Chi Fly's Will Winans taking care of business - with Ken Hammer, March 28th

And THEN...

Blake Morse put a whuppin' on some serious steel - March 29th

What a week of steelhead fishing. I will never forget some of these gorgeous fish and the exemplary job the anglers did to catch them!
Nearly deserted river, small flies, light tippet and wild steelhead...it just doesn't get any better!

Joel Rhoades - April 1st

Doc Stewart - April 3rd

Yes...Doc is standing in deeper water!

Frank Leigner, Bob and Greg - April 4th


Frank...playing the part of the Moray Eel in today's production, Mrs. Steelhead

Bob's fancy Brown Trout...it should be noted that Bob has freakishly large hands. This is actually a 19 inch trout!

March 16th - Wild female winter-run
One of several chunky Brown Trout landed Saturday...

March 19th, 2012 - Remember why we don't stomp gravel and rape the redds! Wild Dowagiac River steelhead smolt...

Mike Beachy - February Kiss

Throwing squirrel for muskie!

Mitchell Anglin, Eric Stulc and Jim Ligda...watching another crew a mile west drop the hammer on them - Super Sunday

Chuck and Ken - December 27th (web compressed iPhone 5 photos...it can be done)

Chuck and another fine Southwest Michigan wild steelhead...

Feisty beyond his years and hatchery origin this guy!

Justin and Judd Jennerjahn - December 11&12, 2012

Justin's stallion brown! - 12/12/12

Justin gazes upon the fish of his dreams (AO cheese factor **high**)

Scott Lawryn and Bob Korecky - Bob's late November beauty!

Swing and a hit!

Whole lotta pink goin' on with Andreas' first steel!

Friday was a lovely day on the river...

Gabe and his sweet summer-run (note this gals fully developed egg funnel) - November 2nd

Scott made the AO edition, Thursday November 1st

...and another!

The Tigers may be losers honey but you're a winner! WINNING!

Dec 7th 2011 - Judd's epic day

Deuce on the Delta Marsh, Manitoba - October 15, 2012

This could be your hand Dude! Ron Abrant - St Joe

Cue the balloon...

Bearing gifts of food and trinkets...

2012 Stealthcraft maiden voyage...

This is a big "green" bass...now you know - Briggs family Sunday August 12th

Getting some dandy Largemouth Bass on Cranberry Lake!

Robert Tomes and a Cranberry sweetheart - May 10th

Jay with a 42 inch ultra clean river fish that slammed a Don Larson tied "Yogurt Lips" fly, complete with bead chain dangle

Uber muskie guy Robert Tomes on the release...

$150.00 deposit required to hold dates for any fishing trip or hunt that you schedule with Anglin Outdoors. In the event of a weather related cancellation or other unforeseen situation, the deposit is good for any hunting or fishing trip scheduled with Anglin Outdoors. In the event that I have to cancel the trip due to illness etc, I will be glad to return your deposit.

Dave (20.5 inches) and Mike (22 inches) - Sunday May 6th
Both tagged and released...

Mark Palo - April 20th - Michigan
Despite the nasty weather (thus, poor photos), two rivers, twice the fun!

Big trout on streamers!


Sean and Jake Maloney - March 20th

The face of belligerence...

Jake and a "dropback" female that was blitzing eggs in the dark water...

Drenched Nikon D90 and lens: -$1800
Drenched Apple iPhone 4: -$200
Figuring out I also tore my brand new Simms waders when I fell earlier in the morning while posing with a steelhead: Priceless

Sean's last cast battle axe

Ken Hammer - March 19th

Dang this was a purdy one!


T. Parker - March 16th

Wild hen...

Big buck...real PO'd this guy!

Jay's Spring 2011 Indiana Tom - Self portrait

Ron Abrant's rainy day longbeard - May 7th

Congrats to Mitchell Anglin on his first turkey! - April 21st

Hot off the presses!
4.5" x 3.5" AO "Sustained Anchor Redux" stickers - $5

The AO booth at The Great Outdoors Expo in Woodstock, Illinois last weekend - Jay, Lefty Kreh and Angie

Mark Palo - February 2nd


Nice work Mark...


Chi Fly's Will Winans and his pal Grant Detrick - 1/31 - Will's killer brown taken on the swing!

Your guide - All work and no play makes Jay a dull boy...Thanks Judd! - 12/22

Keg Avakian and Matt Caron - January 7th - Happy Birthday Keg and congrats on your first steelhead!

Jim Jones and his 29 inch Brown Trout - January 5th

Chuck Roberts and Ken Schmidt - December 26th

Ken won...

Jay Anglin

Snake charming - 1/5

Deuce congratulating Jason on his first neck-collared Canada Goose - January 4th - Cranberry Lake

Jay Anglin


Judd Jennerjan...back for more!! - December 7th

It just doesn't get any better...


Stan with a stud bull summer-run that suckered on a swing...

Stan Z and Ron A - December 6th

 Ron's wild winter-run                                                                                                      


Jim O'Grady and Brett Dale - December 5th - Brett with a nice winter-run

The Legendary Judd Jennerjah - November 21st

Hank and Chris Sledz - November 19th - Michigan

Hank and a nice winter-run buck on the nymph rig
Note: The slit dorsal from being foul hooked by another angler

Chris and his last second battle wagon Skamania hen on the swing!
Note: Belly fin clips and crinkled dorsal indicate an Indiana hatchery Skamania

John Garrett and Fred Statler's nice lake-run brown - November 14th
Note: Tail and anal fin wear as well as egg funnel which are indicative of spawning.
The slightly malformed dorsal fin suggests this is a female hatchery fish that has recently spawned out.


This could be you...

Keith Webster - November 4th - The Original Pink Glove!
Note: Malformed dorsal and pelvic fins as well as rounded nose...this is a female hatchery Skamania strain

Joe Ferraro and Kevin Hoffmeyer - October 30th - Michigan
Note: Longer/pointier nose, weight forward build, malformed dorsal fin...this is a male hatchery Skamania strain

Scott Lawryn - October 27th - Michigan
Note: Long slender build, round nose, malformed dorsal and worn pectoral fins as well as eroded gill plate...classic female hatchery Skamania strain

Jay and Jim Pierce - October 25th - Michigan
Note: Weight forward build, longer/pointier nose, malformed pelvic and dorsal fins...this is a male hatchery Skamania strain

William Cunningham - October 6th - Michigan

Doc Stewart and a hot September summer-run - Michigan

Manitoba October 2011

Jay Anglin


Dowagiac playa. Got game.

Robert Tomes at Cranberry Lake with two good friends - August 31st

Frank Leigner...we also landed smallmouth, largemouth and a nice walleye!

Ken Hammer - St Joe River - Michigan

Brian Hodges - Cranberry Lake
www.thisisfly.com Web Mag - www.doublehaultravel.com Travel Service

Jay Anglin

Ken Hammer - 20.5 inches - Cranberry Lake                     Dave Hough - 20.5 inches - Cranberry Lake

John Zicker - 20.5 inches - Michigan

Nice work Vito! - 20.5 inches - Indiana
Rest In Peace Vito, it was a privilege to have spent a day on the water with you.

Now that's an "eat"!

Your guide

Another great Indiana gobbler for Max Maloney! - April 23rd
26.4 pounds, 10 inch beard, 1 inch spurs

Turkey Time!

Larry and Brad - April 12th

Jim Dyer and Jim Benoit - April 8th

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Mrs Anglin and a couple buddies - April 6th

Steel Eye View - April 4th

Mike Murphy and Greg Buseman - March 30th

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Sean, Max and Audrey Maloney - March 28-29, 2011 - Wild Fish Bonanza!

Sean, Max and Audrey Maloney - March 28-29, 2011

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School in session!

Wild Steelhead smolt - Southwest Michigan

Ken Hammer - March 16th

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The Nicksic Boys - March 15th

"Sustained Anchor" - St Joe River - March 1st, 2011

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The Anglin Boys SCORE!

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Let there be life! - Stan Zarnowiecki and Ron Abrant

Arnie and John Leder - 11/27 - John hit this gorgeous wild chrome winter-run!

Bill Bauling - 11/22

        Leah Schoonmaker's first steelhead! - 10/22         5 inch Intruder worked just fine for Josh Powell's brown!

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Shots from the short film "It Sucks To Be Andy Rosenthal" - 9/25

Guest starring Mike Wassong and his nifty wild Brown Trout

 Angie's first buck! (...and first time hunting!)
Read about it here....
LaPorte Herald Argus
Chicago Now: Illinois Outdoors Blog

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Nothing hits a spinner with more intent than a bull summer-run!


MIDGES! We don't need no STINKIN' MIDGES!


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- Manitoba -

Mrs. Anglin gets in touch with her inner hillbilly!

Anatomy of a very "slow day" on Cranberry Lake for first time fly fishers...
Casting lessons in the yard....

"Life Sucks" training session...

First fly caught fish experience...

Sol and Jonathan - 7/18

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Vance - 7/17

Johnny and Lauren spankin' the smallies on the Joe!

Ken and Kay Hammer - 7/11

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Scott and Johnny - 6/27

Larry and Brad - 6/21


       Atta boy Vance! - 6/15                                 Tony looking "shoppy" - 6/20

Some days are just better than others...a few of the highlights!

Bob Olson, Frank Leigner, Adam Olson - 6/14

This is what happens when saltwater poppers take a break in fresh water....

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Victor Hu - 6/4

Mike and Phillip Drayton - 5/27

Michael Kamin and Alan Rubin - 5/24

Tom Risher - 5/4

Blake 4/29                                          Jeff - 4/25                                              Sean - 4/30

Max - 4/17                                               Stephen - 4/21

All work and no play makes Jay a dull boy - 4/22

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Turkey Time

John Brown - 4/12

Trout Time!

"The Pug" returns to the same stretch of river 4 inches longer...

And he's pugnacious.....notice above how he pretends to be docile for a photo op and then tries to bite my arm off!

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Doc and Paul - April 6th

Doc and Frank - April 5th

Baby Bluegill in early April? Huh?

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April 3rd - Tony rattles up some early spring bass on Cranberry!

Richard and Lexi - When the fishing is tough Lexi falls back on wild leek digging! Ramp-O-Rama 2010


Keith, Nick and Jimmy- 3/26

Keith and Jimmy

Actual Photo from Nick's Camera

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                             Jim and Mike - 3/24




            Jake and Sean Maloney - 3/23

Yellow Mamba!



St Patty's Day - 2010 - Sean Maloney


Ole Road Dog Skamania Mania

It'll all work out sweetheart....

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German Brown meet Irish American

Check out my new Blog "Through Anglin Eyes": Daily observations and random thoughts of an outdoor junkie....
Jay's Blog

***Fish by Tim***  Fantastic carvings and watercolors! Tim Jones did this portrait of my son Mitchell's first steelhead.....

Check out Tim on the web: Fish by Tim

Congratulations on your first goose Mitch!

Vinny Shepherd Dec 18, 1965 - Nov 3, 2009  -  Rest In Peace Friend


Sean Riha - 12/22

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Robert Tomes - Swingin' a BMF at dusk- December 2nd

November Champagne

Modern Art

Kevin Moffitt - 11/19 - Moffitt Angling System hook-ups

Frank Leigner - 11/13 - 16 inch wild brown

Vance Webb and Ian Miller - 11/12 - Full disclosure, this badass was taken with Ian's rig on a BMF while I was demonstrating good swinging technique. I hate that. Shit eatin' grins courtesy of the steelhead and Ian's Brandy Liqueur...photo by Vance.

Jim Connor and Joe Domek - 11/8

Deuce Anglin and Steve Spargur - 11/3

Pat Condon and Tony Angelotti - November 6th! - 47 degree water



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Uncle Danimal unleashes the Skagit head

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